Fees & Charges
Customer Service


 Charges (HKD)

 Minimum Charges (HKD)

 Maximum Charges (HKD)




 $100.00 per transaction



 Stamp Duty


 $ 1.00



 SFC Transaction Levy





 HKEX Trading Fee





 CCASS Settlement Fee


 $5.00 per transaction

 $100.00 per transaction 







 Scrip Handling and Settlement-related Services







 Charges (HKD)

 Minimum Charges (HKD)

 Maximum Charges (HKD)

 Physical Scrip Deposit  


 $5.00 for each transfer 



 Physical Scrip Withdrawal


 $5.00 per board lot

 $ 30.00 per stock







 SI Settlement Tips







 0.005% of the prior day  closing market value

 $ 50.00 per stock

 $ 300.00 per stock






 Nominee Services






 Charges (HKD)

 Remarks (HKD)



 Scrip Fee, Other Dividend, Bonus, Hong Kong Debt  Securities      

$2.50 per board lot +  0.12% of cash amount (administration fee)

Minimum administration fee is $30.00



 Dividend/Coupon Collection Fee

$2.50 per board lot + $30.00 administration fee




 Dividend Claim/Bonus Shares

$1,000.00 per transaction + related fee(stamp, transfer tax)




 Corporate Action Service Fee

$2.50 per board lot + central clearing fee + $30.00 administration fee









Debt-credit Fees






 Rate  (per year)




 Margin Account Interest

 P + 3% (P= HSBC prime rate)                   




 Cash Account Overdue Interest

 P + 8% (P= HSBC prime rate)









Other Services






 Charges (HKD)




 Handling Charge for IPO  Application                 

 Cash:     $20.00 per application

 Share placement may require additional fees




 Margin: $100.00 per application   




 Bank Service- Cash Transfer

 Depending on the bank’s charge




 Bank Service- Refund

 $300.00 per piece




 Bank Service- Telegraphic Transfer

 $250.00 per transaction





(excluding bank’s charge)




 Audit Confirmation (Applicable to Corporate Account)

 Upon each case




 Replacement of Lost Delivery Order

 $100.00 per piece